Milton Chamber of Commerce Taking a Leadership Role

On April 11, 2018, the Milton Chamber of Commerce held a briefing for Milton and Halton based businesses and organizations about the Canadian Federal Government’s Supercluster initiative. Members of MTechHub and our partner community Silicon Halton attended.

The Chamber is focused on making sure Milton companies can capitalize on Supercluster projects, either as a direct partner or a supplier.

For several months, the Milton Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with other leaders across southern Ontario to champion the growth of manufacturing and technology in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor, as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster (AMS) Initiative.

The briefing was by Jayson Myers, the CEO of the newly formed: Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen). NGen is the lead non-profit organization working with the Federal Government and private/public industry stakeholders on Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster initiative.

What is a Supercluster?

The success of Silicon Valley has many people and organizations striving to create something similar in their cities, regions and countries.

Silicon Valley is comprised of a wide range of technology focused stakeholder organizations and individuals building and delivering products and services. But, it’s more than a bunch of companies and people.

If you dig deeper you’ll see it’s a network of suppliers, customers, investors and entrepreneurs that have invested interest in the success of the entire tech industry within their region.

It’s actually a Supercluster that drives economic prosperity, innovation and disruption.

The video below provides good insights on the components and behaviours that make Silicon Valley a success.

Canada’s Supercluster Initiative

The Canadian Government is supporting the development of five Superclusters across Canada in the areas of: Digital Technology, Protein Industries, Advanced Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and Oceans.

The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster (AMS), will build on the overlapping density of manufacturing and technology in Southern Ontario.

Who is Next Generation Manufacturing Canada?

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGM Canada) is a network of private and public sector organizations working together to ensure that Canada is at the forefront of advanced manufacturing.

NGM Canada will create new opportunities for firms, supply chains, communities, and thousands of Canadians employed in key industry segments like automotive, steel production, wood products, food and beverage production, microelectronics, and Information and Communications Technologies.

Below is the presentation from the April 11 briefing organized by the Milton Chamber of Commerce.

Next Steps and Thank You

As an Industry 4.0 Innovation Centre and community for manufacturers we’re encouraged to be part of the advance manufacturing Supercluster initiative. We’ll be posting updates on the overall progress and direction NGM Canada is taking and how MTechHub is participating.

Thanks to Richard Bolton and Scott McCammon from the Milton Chamber of Commerce for organizing this Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster briefing and to the MEV Innovation Centre for hosting the event. Special thanks to Jayson Myers, CEO of NGM Canada, for providing the update and engaging with the group.