These projects have been developed by MTechHub members and are available to manufacturers.

Smart Factory Accelerator Program


We know smaller manufacturers have limited budgets and resources to adopt IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies. But revenue growth is often limited by manufacturing bottlenecks. We’ve got some help for you!


This exciting program provides financial assistance to deploy Smart Factory technology along with help from our mentors as well as training and workshops. We’ll work alongside your team to improve productivity at your bottleneck and springboard your company’s growth.

The program has received funding support from the Ontario Government’s Skills Development Fund and incorporates the Manufacturing Optimization and Data Analytics program delivered by Brock University.

For more information email Kevin Lenko at

IoT for Existing Machines

Transform your shop floor with the Internet of Things

  • Gain better visibility of your shop floor with real-time dashboards.
  • Connect a wide array of existing equipment and processes on the shop floor
  • Improve Productivity, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), utilization and optimize maintenance
  • Easily retrofit existing machinery at low cost
  • Technology stack solution developed by MTechHub members

MTechHub’s IoT for Existing Machinery Tech Stack is designed to provide manufacturers with an alternative to costly commercial products. For more information email Kevin Lenko at

IoT Quick Start Program

In Partnership with ICTC (Information and Communication Technology Council) and Canadian Colleges
Program Details:

  • Companies utilize a Post Secondary Co-op Student to implement the IoT solution.
  • The IoT training for the student is provided by MTechHub.
  • The Co-op student’s wages are funded up to 70% by ICTC
  • Co-op Students can be from any Canadian College.

For more information: IoT Quick Start brochure

To participate or if you have questions please email us at

Smart Cell (Under Development)

Work Smarter, Not Harder
What would 5% fewer defects, 5% less labour and a 5% speed increase be worth on a bottle neck resource? For many manufacturers, that type of improvement would mean a lot.

MTechHub’s Smart Cell Tech Stack is designed to provide manufacturers with an alternative to costly commercial products. For more information email Kevin Lenko at


Is your information safe?

Cyber threats are growing exponentially. Every single day, headlines contain the latest hacks and data breaches. With cybercriminals targeting end users, ongoing cybersecurity education and training is a must for businesses to stay secure. By improving your cybersecurity protection levels, you can protect your reputation while significantly reducing risks, infections, and help desk costs.

MTech’s Cyber Security Tech Stack is designed to provide manufacturers with a complete solution to these concerns.

For more information email us at

Unified Communications

Connecting your Team

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) provides a single interface for using all types of communication including text, voice, video, and virtual whiteboards.

MTechHub members have assembled standardized video and voice conferencing, and meeting solutions that enable people to easily meet in real-time—with the push of a button.

  • Quickly schedule and create a stakeholder video conference to rapidly review critical issues.
  • Share information, find answers and collaborate in real-time—easily, immediately, and cost-effectively.
  • Easily respond to customers and accelerate response times.

Meeting participants can communicate as naturally as if they were at the same table—no matter where they are with:

  • Mobile •File Sharing •Chat / Message •Meeting
  • Voice •Webinar •Video

For more information email us at