Key leaders from various technology innovation centres in the region of Murcia, Spain visited MTechHub last week to learn about our work and capabilities and to look for collaboration and synergies with the MTechHub and our membership.

About Murcia, Spain

Murcia is a region and province in southeastern Spain. Here are some details about the region:

  • The community covers 11,313 km² in area and has a population of 1.4 million (GTA: 7,124.15 km² ; population of 6.4M)
  • Its Mediterranean coastline, the Costa Cálida, has 250 km of beaches.
  • Its hinterland is mostly agricultural, with orchards, olive groves and vineyards between the mountains, medieval castles and villages.
  • The regional capital, also called Murcia, is a lively university town.
  • Murcia’s cathedral has a baroque facade, a Gothic interior and a 90 m-tall bell tower.

Murcia, Spain


Innovation Centres from Murcia, Spain

Key leaders from the following innovation centres visited MTechHub last week:

  • The Furniture Technology Center [websiteis a private association whose main objective is to carry out and promote research and development activities, as well as technological and innovative services and projects with the aim of improving and encouraging the development and continuous improvement of companies of the wood, furniture and related sectors.
  • The Naval and Marine Technological Center [website] is the provider of advanced technological services for companies in the naval and sea sectors, emphasizing its orientation towards improving the competitiveness of companies through the promotion of actions in R + D + i, besides ensuring a sustainable exploitation of marine resources. The developments carried out in the field of the use of clean anti-fouling technologies, underwater technologies and process improvements in the auxiliary industry and shipyards stand out.
  • The National Technological Center for Food and Preservation [website] was created as a basic infrastructure for technological assistance to companies in the Agri-Food Sector. Its main objectives are basic research in the field of food, research applied to improvements in manufacturing processes, technical assistance to the sector, research, development and technological innovation, training and information on standards and means of food preservation, and promoting the culture of innovation in companies.
  • The Marmol Technology Center [website] develops research projects and technological services of great added value for the Natural Stone, Extraction Industry, Construction, Crafts and related sectors. All this without forgetting other aspects covered, also very significant, such as training, technology dissemination and technical advice. Its main objectives are the implementation of research and development programs under the cooperation regime, providing services in both technical assistance and training, preparation and implementation of methods of measures and controls, conducting studies, reports, advice on standards and specifications of the sector.
  • The Metal Technology Center of Murcia [website] is a private business association recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2002 as a Center for Innovation and Technology, and also has a Transfer Office for the Results of OTRI Research. This centre facilitates the process of innovation, technological development, promotion of quality and all those aspects that contribute to the strengthening of the competitive capacity of companies in this industrial sector.

MTechHub guests from Murcia, Spain

What We Covered

MTechHub has been conducting R&D for our members, small to midsize manufacturers, so they have a clear and predictable path to adopting Industry 4.0 technologies and creating a “digital twin” factory wide. Small to midsize manufacturers however are very practical and skeptical when it comes to the promise of technology.

Over the past 18 months the MTechHub team has been investigating digital adoption use cases, academic and innovation center Industry 4.0 initiatives. Numerous “point” technologies were examined. However, the cornerstone of Industry 4.0 is connected systems.

The majority of SME’s do not have the resources or expertise to evaluate, implement, and integrate myriad individual technologies. The minority of SME’s launching significant Industry 4.0 connected system projects are embarking on digital projects with high costs and significant risks. MTechHub has spent significant R&D effort to create standardized Industry 4.0 technology stacks.

We shared this information with our guests and introduced practical steps to phasing IoT into a small to midsize manufacturing environment.

Digital Twin - Factory Wide

The MTechHub team demonstrated our Connected Air Compressor a key component of our Industry 4.0 Accelerator Pack

MTechHub Connected Compressor Demo

For Our Members and Associations

The MTechHub facility is available for booking for innovation workshops, offsite planning and for knowledge sharing presentations and workshops. Just contact us if you’d like more information, to book the facility or request an Industry 4.0 briefing.