Great Ideas Live Here!

The Burlington MTechHub is a centre of excellence for Digital Transformation. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to a lively tech scene and Burlington is the ideal location for the facility. The Hub will make use of these assets to drive digital transformation in Canada and abroad, and to position Burlington as a hub for the next wave of digital transformation in manufacturing.

There are many public and private sector organizations dedicated to manufacturing. However, very few have dedicated facilities available to the practitioner. We believe having a physical facility is crucial to the ecosystem for many reasons. Very few technologies are used in isolation – most become a component in a “technology stack”. The Hub allows practitioners to see the entire stack in use. As one example, CRM solutions have components for the cloud, mobility access, dashboards, email, telephony, and mapping. At the Hub users can see how all technologies are integrated – they can kick the tires and see how the solution can work for them.

The facility must simulate technology used on the shop floor and offer members real-world hands-on experience.

The facility was opened in 2017 and encompass 2,500 square feet. It includes an envisioning theater and collaboration spaces for our employees, external partners, and your teams can work together on digital projects.

The appeal of the final Innovation Centre lies in its architecture. Its openness, transparency, and innovative spirit. The inspiring work environment facilitates communication, unleashes creativity, and provides plenty of space for new forms of collaboration away from the everyday routine.

Collaborative workspaces designed to:

  • Reach Breakthroughs Faster.

  • Spark Innovation.

  • Facilitate cross-functional review of the business process.

The new facility will provide practical working spaces and be an inspiring environment where stakeholders can integrate classroom theory with collaborative hands-on learning as they design, build, test, and refine their concepts.

The facilities promote teamwork and partnerships by supporting a wider variety of work styles for virtual or in-person meetings in a lounge, café, quiet room, or branch office. At MTechHub we believe that collaborative environments are significantly more productive than trying to go it alone.

We have focused on creating a vibe here that is energizing and inspiring. All our members contribute to a shared culture of support, respect!