Our Facility 

MTechHub is a centre of excellence for Digital Transformation

Many private and public organizations are dedicated to manufacturing, however very few have a facility available to their membership and community partners. We believe having a physical facility is crucial to our ecosystem for many reasons,  including simulating technology used on the shop floor and providing real-world, hands-on experience.

Opened in January 2017, our Burlington facility encompasses over 2,000 square feet. It includes an envisioning theater and collaboration spaces for our members and external partners to work together on digital projects.

Collaborative workspaces designed to:

  • Reach Breakthroughs Faster.

  • Spark Innovation.

  • Facilitate change

Our facility also offers a theatre space, quiet rooms, a boardroom and a kitchen area. It can be booked by members and community partners for training, planning, or other meetings and events.

The facilities promote teamwork and partnerships by supporting a wider variety of work styles for virtual or in-person meetings in a lounge, café, quiet room, or branch office. At MTechHub we believe that collaborative environments are significantly more productive than trying to go it alone.